razhashasheen's Applications(Approved)

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razhashasheen's Applications(Approved)

Post by Razhashasheen on Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:24 am

FFXI Character name: Razhashasheen
Rank: 10 sandy (but i cant remember so don't tell me) and 5 bastok
Race: GALKA!
Gender: Male
Highest level job: 75^^
RPing experience(If you have any)
I have Been table top role playing on and off since i was a child and have been consistently playing for 6 years now plus have been role playing on ffxi for years.
Why you would like to join:
To once and for all prove its not fat its muscle.... i mean have a fun time and play with other like minded people who wont make fun of my name (frostie that's you and you know it). and if you want proof on the muscle thing talk to Alexander and my crown^^

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