Frostie's Application(Approved)

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Frostie's Application(Approved)

Post by Frostie on Sun Aug 10, 2008 10:20 pm

FFXI Character name: Frostlace (FL, Frostie, {Frost Bite}, NOT Fro >/)
Rank: San d'Oria! 10
Race: Mithra
Gender: Female
Highest level job: Pld75, Whm75, Rdm66, Blu37, Sam33, Pup1.
RPing experience: Since the birth of Vanadiel. Not sure how long that is....
Why you would like to join: I've been a linkshell mama for the CNANCG for a long time, and my family seems to be just like this one. I can't think that it would be a bad thing to bring together more like-minded people to make the world a bit brighter. Can't think of a better reason to do anything, ya?


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