Vyren's application(For example)

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Vyren's application(For example)

Post by Vyren on Mon May 05, 2008 6:22 pm

FFXI Character name: Vyren
Rank: Windurst 10
Race: Mithra
Gender: Female
Highest level job(Don't worry if it's 1. ^^): BLM75, BLU75, SAM75, MNK75, BRD75, DRK75, PUP75.
RPing experience(If you have any): About 7~8 years. (5 in game)
Why you would like to join:

I would like to join(or make the LS lol) to create a fun and long lasting roleplaying LS on kujata with planned events and organization. Hopefully people will have enough faith in me for this to happen.

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