Requirements and Application FAQ

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Requirements and Application FAQ

Post by Vyren on Mon May 05, 2008 6:15 pm


Hello and welcome to Vana'diel Mercenaries.

Please read this sticky before posting an application.


First and foremost you must understand what RPing(Roleplaying) is.
Though we are happy to teach new and interested people.

  • This is a social linkshell so you are not required to keep the pearl on all the time, however we are looking for reletively active members.

  • There is no req. for jobs, job levels, or ranks. As a linkshell we are happy to help people when we can.

  • Obviously you are required to be on the Kujata server, though as an optimistic person I will accept applications from other servers planning to move to kujata.

  • You must know enough about Vana'diel(The world in which FFXI is set) to at least have a background story for your character and an understanding of their race.


Below is a template for posting an application:

FFXI Character name:
Highest level job(Don't worry if it's 1. ^^):
RPing experience(If you have any)
Why you would like to join:

You may add more if you'd like, but this is the minimum we would like to know.

General info
Unlike other RPLS's, our LS has a general storyline and purpose of it's own.
I swear by allegiance to no government or nation

But to Vana'diel herself
To keep her safe
Through any darkness.

The Vana'diel Mercenaries are a band of elite adventurers from all over Vana'diel sworn to protect her from any threat by whatever means nessescary. Although their actions are misinterpreted as being a small unallied rebel army- their intentions root souly on the protection of Vana'diel only.
They are not unlike a mercenary company and are currently stationed with Norg as their HQ.

With that in mind, I hope you consider joining.

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