Tamuras app >.>(APPROVED, ya boob.)

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Tamuras app >.>(APPROVED, ya boob.)

Post by Tamura on Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:49 pm

jes 2 follow the protocol

FFXI Character name: Tamura
Rank: 10
Race: elvaan
Gender: female
Highest level job(Don't worry if it's 1. ^^): pld 75
RPing experience(If you have any) : since long long time ago in a galaxy far far awa---*is slapped* ><.... serious answer? 10 years, and been rping in game since i was a n00b in dunes
Why you would like to join: because ive been rping since the first rp ls ever created in Kujata, called Smirk

that is all!

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