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Post by Vyren on Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:28 pm

New forum parts especially for congratulating members on achievements and rare items they recieve- be it through the shell or otherwise. Please PM or /tell me in game if you would like something to be added.

{Congratulations!} Roathe on getting your subjob!

{Congratulations!} Miel and Frost on your Dynamis-Jeuno win!

{Congratulations!} Congrats Ken on getting Dragoon! Next time hack when you mine for eggs.

{Congratulations!} Congrats Kenno on unlocking BLU! Your first ToAU job! May it bring you all the frustration and pleasure it braught me. c:

{Congratulations!} Congrats Vyr/Zhac, that was one hot PT!

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